Nizhny Novgorod,

Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St.,

Building 4 (right wing)


(free line for russian federation)



Homelike hostel in three minutes by foot from kremlin

Rooms and rates


8 places

from 490 rubles. for a place

11990 rubles. per month for a place


8 places

from 490 rubles. for a place

11990 rubles. per month for a place


5 seats

from 590 rubles. for a place

13990 rubles. per month for a place


6 places

from 590 rubles. for a place

13990 rubles. per month for a place


6 places

from 590 rubles. for a place

13990 rubles. per month for a place


2 places

from 1590 rubles. per room


2 places

from 1590 rubles. per room




  • Free WiFi and landline telephone

    Any visitor of our hostel is able to use our free wireless internet. Thanks to a high connection speed, the visitor is able to feel at ease while doing work or simply chatting online.

  • 24-hour video surveillance

    We guarantee complete and total safety to our lodgers. This is provided for by 24-hour video surveillance not making it possible for anyone to penetrate the territory of the hostel. Often it’s this benefit in particular that attracts people tired of having to take risks.

  • Comfortable beds

    The beds in our hostel are manufactured by individual order with respect to ergonomic requirements. The mattresses on them were ordered separately, so the lodger always has a great rest regardless of his/her body type or height.

  • Kitchen with free coffee and tea

    Walking into our hostel’s kitchen, the lodger will be pleasantly surprised by our free coffee, tea, and sugar. Everybody needs a hot drink even during a short vacation and ordering them in the nearest café is too inconvenient.

  • Showers and WC facilities

    The facilities scheme is simple. In the common area designed for 37 people; there are 5 WC’s, sinks, and showers. Because of this, no one will have to wait their turn, suffering discomfort, any time a person uses the facilities.

  • Domestic appliances

    Also, each guest is given the opportunity of using a washing machine and an ironing board and fan, so that he/she is always looking neat and attractive. Our hostel gives free reign to that and accommodates each lodger.

  • Individual safe

    We give you the option of storing your personal possessions in separate private boxes with keys. Nothing will go missing, so a person will be able to leave his/her belongings there without having to worry about other people’s valuables being inside.

  • Computer with internet access

    When needed, our lodgers are able to use a computer with internet access at any time. This is a brand new service that we are now offering. Why did we have it set up? Nowadays, during high technological times, a person wouldn’t survive without being able to communicate.

  • Convenient location

    The hostel is located in the historic center of Nizhny Novgorod on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street. The Kremlin is only a short 200-meter walk away. This will be appreciated by all sight lovers and those who like to find some peace and quiet.

  • Recreation room

    You don’t have to stay on the bed the whole time. If desired, the lodger has the option of visiting the recreation room split into two tiers. A television is set up here and there is a variety of board games as well to spend time with new friends.

  • Tour service

    We help our visitors visit a variety of excursions. All you have to do for that is order guide services or join an already formed group. The selection is even so broad that the city’s guests immediately cancel their own tour companies’ services.

  • Train station and airport transfer

    Finding a way to leave an unfamiliar city always used to be an issue. However, we are willing to come to our lodgers’ relief. Because of this, any one of them is able to order a transfer to the airport or the train station. He/she won’t have to look for a taxi, since there will be an administrator right there to take them.

  • Wake-up call

    If needed, you may make a request to our administrator for him to wake you up at an exact indicated time. This is often exactly what visitors need who haven’t gotten used to local time and therefore have to deal with inconvenience.

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